Thu, April 25, 2024

ADB Vice-President Lavasa calls on Finance Minister Sharma

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KATHMANDU: Ashok Lavasa, Vice-President for Private Sector Operations and Public-Private Partnerships of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) met with Finance Minister Janardan Sharma on Thursday evening. During the meeting, talks were focused on ways to promote the private sector and issues of concessional loans. According to Minister Sharma's Public Relations Advisor Manarishi Dhital, the minister said that Nepal's rural economy's development is likely if the financial assistance was extended by balancing the provinces. "Being an engine of Nepal's economic growth, the government has given top priority to the development of the private sector," Dhital quoted Minister Sharma as saying. Minister Sharma opined that private sector's contribution is vital to meet the target of Nepal's graduation from the LDC by 2026. Likewise, Minister Sharma asked the ADB Vice President to provide more assistance for the development of alternative energy adding that Nepal has suffered due to climate change impacts though it has no contribution to climate change. In response, ADB Vice-President Lavasa pledged to partner with the Government of Nepal to support Nepali nationals. READ ALSO:
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