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SEJON holds 24th annual general assembly

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KATHMANDU: Vice-Chairman of the National Planning Commission (NPC) Biswo Nath Poudel has stressed the need for increasing the investments in production and service sector to boost the country's economy. He expressed the hope that the country's economy would pursue a positive path as the government had put top priority on developing basic infrastructures and mega projects. He said this while addressing the 24th annual general assembly of the Society of Economic Journalists-Nepal (SEJON). "I am happy with our performance. Right decisions and policy measures taken by the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) have put the country's economy on the right track", he shared. He was in the favour of ending the rampant distribution of licences in several sectors in the country, arguing that this has led to bribery. "There is syndicate everywhere in the country. Monopoly has found its way everywhere. So, distribution of licences should be put to an end," he opined. An increasing trend of investments in agriculture and tourism will stabilise the country's economy in the long run, he noted rising propensity of savings among the Nepali people and the completion of road construction in the next five years will also be helpful for the national economy to grow further. Similarly, NRB Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari claimed that country's economy was pursuing the right path. Positive indications of the economy in recent days include labour market, remittance flow and increment of inflow of foreigners. Stating that Nepal did not remain aloof from recent impacts of global inflation, he said the government's restriction on the issuance of the Letter of Credit as well as the import of goods had eased the external economic sector. "Liquidity issue has rebound frequently. The business community has frequently asked when the issue of liquidity crunch will be removed. We all know that there is a liquidity crunch. Liquidity has affected elsewhere due to problems in the external economic sector. Balance of payment (BoP) has suffered a loss. Internally, we do not have money. There must be an improvement in the BoP for ending liquidity problem." Likewise, Senior Vice President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) Chandra Prasad Dhakal echoed NRB Governor Adhikari, noting that country's economy was on the right path. Brushing off the reports that Nepal's economy could face the fate of Sri Lanka, he however stressed the need for the central bank to remain cautious. Former SEJON presidents Gopal Tiwari and Gokarna Awasthi and outgoing president Bhim Prasad Gautam pointed out the positive role of economic journalists to drive the country's economy in the right direction. Also, SEJON president Janardan Baral said the society had played an effective role in augmenting the efficiency of economic journalists. READ ALSO:
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