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11 students from across country receive FMNW Scholarship

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KATHMANDU: DM Foundation, the CSR wing of IMS Group, in collaboration with FMNW, a volunteer non-profit initiative of the Former Miss Nepals, provided scholarships to 11 students who have been affected by Covid 19 pandemic. Suvanjal Chataut, Riya Bartaula, Sujit Kumar Yadav, Lalita Biswokarma, Sandip Biswokarma, Ananda Baniya, Baibhav Manandhar, Zoya Pradhan, Babin Dhital, Bijeta Dhital and Jessica Chaudhary have received FMNW scholarships. They come from different parts of the country and range from grade nursery to nine. [gallery columns="2" size="full" link="file" ids="28347,28345"] DM foundation has been involved in providing scholarships to students, funding and relief programmes during earthquakes, blood donation programmes, masks and oxygen cylinders distribution during Covid 19 pandemic. During the Covid 19 pandemic, DM Foundation collaborated with FMNW to provide scholarships to students who were affected by Covid 19. FMNW was created as a way to come together and use their education, talent and influence to contribute to the society that has always supported, loved and respected Miss Nepals. [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" ids="28341,28342"] President and CEO of IMS Group, Dikesh Malhotra, wanted to extend the DM Scholarships to children affected by covid and shared his idea with FMNW which had the same vision. Understanding the power and influence, the two groups came together and collaboration gave birth to the FMNW Scholarship. FMNW and DM Foundation both share a strong agenda to give back to society through education. [gallery columns="1" link="file" size="full" ids="28346,28343"] During the pandemic, the joint team reached out and helped children who lost their parents due to the covid-19 and were on the verge of discontinuing their education. This scholarship aims to support these children to continue their education up till grade 10 and not have to drop out of school. With the belief that children are the future of our country and that education will help them prosper, FMNW and DM Foundation have dedicated themselves to supporting as many children as possible through the FMNW Scholarship. Individuals can go to the website and fill in the application form to apply for the scholarship. The initiative has also appealed to other capable individuals to donate to the cause. One can send donations to the cause by scanning QR Codes of Cellpay, Fonepay and E-Sewa to the bank details available on the official website of IMS Group. READ ALSO:
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