Mon, June 24, 2024

Nepal Police, NEA sign MoU for construction, operation of charging stations

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KATHMANDU: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between Nepal Police and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) regarding the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) and their operation. Nepal Police's Inspector General (IGP) Dhiraj Pratap Singh and Nepal Electricity Authority's Managing Director Kul Man Ghising signed the MoU at a ceremony held on Monday. IGP Singh extended his gratitude to the NEA for the MoU and urged the NEA leadership for expanding charging stations in the police offices which have a huge workforce. The IGP stated that Nepal Police has already been collaborating with NEA in cases of electric power and pylon theft and leakage of electricity. Singh assured that the Nepal Police is always ready to give security to the charging stations to be built along the highways and hilly areas. Similarly, Ghising shared that NEA has planned to build a charging station every 60 kilometres along the highway and opined that the police's role is very important for the same. According to him, collaborating with Nepal Police will be very important in addressing the security concerns of the charging stations and issues related to locating the right venue to build charging stations. The MoU aims to promote the usage of EVs and facilitate them plying the road.  The MoU has been inked in the context when the environment, ecology and living organisms are being affected by the carbon emission from vehicles powered by fossil fuels, and industries. READ ALSO:
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