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Jumli apples being sold raw in market

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KHALANGA: Organic apples produced in Jumla are found being sold in the market before they could ripen. The traders have started selling apples in coordination with the apple farmers here. Even though the agronomist and the local level government have issued a circular not to harvest apples before end of August, the farmers and traders in Jumla have started selling raw apples arguing that they will not be able get a better price later. Raw apples from Jumla are found being sold in Surkhet, the capital of Karnali province. These apples have also reached Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, Dang, Dhangadhi, Biratnagar and others cities. Meanwhile, agricultural experts have warned about the risk of Jumla losing the identity of organic apples which is connected with the identity of the district. Ganesh Adhikari, Head of Agriculture Development Office Jumla, said farmers and traders have been informed not to harvest raw apples. Fearing that farmers will not get a suitable price and market later, they are picking raw apples and sending them to the markets out of the district. Tatopani Rural Municipality and Chandannath Municipality have also appealed to farmers not to harvest apples before end of August. Chief administrative officer of Chandannath, Kshetra Bahadur Budthapa, said both the local levels issued notices to maintain the identity of apples, to meet market demand, and not to harvest apples before the end of August. By RSS READ ALSO:  
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