Thu, June 13, 2024

NCC urges Speaker to proceed with Bills related to economy

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has urged Speaker of House of Representatives Agni Prasad Sapkota to take forward the Bills related to economy/finance under consideration or deliberation in the parliament. A delegation led by NCC President Rajendra Malla called on Speaker Sapkota at the latter's office on Tuesday to take forward 11 such Bills. According to the NCC delegation, many of the Bills related to the economy were stuck in the parliament leading to various issues being faced by the private sector. They were of the view that there was problem since the Bill seeking amendment to Securities Act and the Bill to amend the Bank and Financial Institutions Act-2073 BS were still under deliberation in the parliamentary Finance Committee. President Malla added that the Bill formulated to integrate and amend laws related to insurance was also under deliberation in the Finance Committee. He urged the Speaker for his positive intervention towards taking forward those bills before the federal election. Furthermore, he drew the attention of the Speaker to push the Bill formulated to regulate and manage cultivation of cannabis, arguing that by exporting marijuana, Nepal could reduce the trade deficit. Speaker Sapkota expressed his commitment to take initiative to push forward all stalled bills. "I have already asked the concerned agencies to take forward some bills. Bills related to budget are almost on the verge of completion. I am aware that other bills should not be stuck in the parliament," Speaker Sapkota said. READ ALSO:
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