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Import of agro products exceeds export through Mechi Customs Office

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JHAPA: The import of agricultural products has exceeded export through Mechi Customs Office in Kakarbhitta, Jhapa district. In the last 11 months of the current fiscal year, agricultural products worth Rs 8.67 billion were imported through the customs. However, agricultural products worth Rs 7.41 billion were exported in the same period, according to Quarantine Office, Kakadbhitta. Black cardamom consisted of the highest amount of export. A total of 800 metric tonnes of black cardamom worth Rs 3.94 billion was exported during the period. The cardamom produced in Nepal is exported to India, Bangladesh and Russia, according to senior agronomist Devindra Shahu. Similarly, other items exported following the black cardamom include tea, lentil, amliso (broom grass), ginger, medicinal herbs, plywood, wild garlic. Shahu further said soybean is the largest import through this customs point. Seventy metric tonnes of soybean worth Rs 3.80 billion were imported from Bangladesh. The soybean is mostly used as livestock feed. The cereal amounting to more than Rs 980 million and legumes worth Rs 1.33 billion were imported in the same period. By RSS READ ALSO:
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