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Madhes govt to organise ‘Madhes province youth festival’

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JANAKPUR: Madhes Province government is set to organise the first 'Madhes Province youth festival' from June 29 to 30. The venue for the festival is on the premises of Janakpurdham Chamber of Commerce and Industry office. The two-day fair expects the participation of around 4,000 youths from all 136 local levels in the province. The festival aims to explore the skills and efficiency of youths of Madhes and provide orientation on finding potential ways, said Madhes Province Minister for Women, Children, Youth and Sports, Birendra Singh, at a press conference organised in Janakpur, on Wednesday. The theme for the festival is ‘Common commitment for prosperous Madhes Province’. Orientation on an array of subjects including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, safe foreign employments, skills and opportunities, wrong and fake information dissemination and hate speech will be provided, said undersecretary at the Ministry, Thulobabu Dahal. Stalls displaying domestic products will be set up and musical programmes featuring local culture and tradition of the Madhes Province will be organised. A declaration will be issued with the participation of youths acting on suggestions collected from the festival, said Dahal. READ ALSO:
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