Thu, June 13, 2024

Cabinet paves the way for Kohalpur-Surkhet transmission line construction

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KARNALI: Cabinet meeting held on Monday decided to proceed with the construction of 132kV Kohalpur-Surkhet transmission line. The construction work will gain momentum as the cabinet decided to allow the use of national forest area for the project. As many as 13,056 trees have to be felled in Banke, Bardiya and Surkhet districts under the Kohalpur-Surkhet 52-km transmission line. Project Chief Rabi Kumar Chaudhary informed that agreement on felling trees will be reached between the Department of Forest and the project office following the cabinet decision. The warden office will initiate the process to cut down trees. The transmission line falls in Banke and Bardiya national park areas. Indian company RS Enterprises was awarded a contract of Rs 700 million for the construction of the transmission line. By RSS READ ALSO: 
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