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'I look beyond the product and assess how well a brand’s values resonate with mine'

B360 January 31, 2024, 4:25 pm
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Shrida Shah

Brand Activation Manager, Jawalakhel Group of Industries

“I approach life with a positive mindset. When things don’t go my way, I view it as a chance to learn and improve. On the other hand, every win motivates me to keep moving forward, and I am genuinely grateful for these moments,” says Shrida Shah, Brand Activation Manager at Jawalakhel Group of Industries. 

“Every experience, whether a personal triumph or a professional challenge, weaves a unique story. Approach challenges with resilience and dedication, knowing each step is an opportunity for growth. I navigate the intricate dance of personal and professional life towards crafting a narrative that blends success, fulfilment, and positive impact on those around me,” she adds.

Shah is working with one of Nepal’s premier business conglomerates that manages multiple companies who manufacture and distribute alcoholic beverages. The company recently celebrated the 50-year anniversary of their iconic product, Ruslan Vodka.

Shah is a recognised name in the events industry. She worked previously with the Nepal Distilleries as Events Manager and was a huge part of the hughly successful ‘Sundown Affair’ series of events for Khukri Rum. 

She is also a Zonta Kathmandu member playing a central role in organising Zonta events for over five years. She co-owns an event management and party supply company called S&S alongside her partner Nikeeta Shrestha and they have worked with clients like DFID Nepal, FNCCI and Mitra Samaj.

In this edition of Business 360, Shah talks about her pick of top brands and how and why she aligns herself with certain brands. 

Top apps you use

WhatsApp: It serves as my central communication hub, providing a secure and efficient channel to stay connected with colleagues, family, and friends. Creating work-centric groups enables smooth coordination within the team to ensure seamless project updates and decision-making processes. The robust end-to-end encryption safeguards privacy, solidifying WhatsApp as my preferred messaging app for personal and professional interactions.

Instagram: It is my visual diary, ideal for sharing moments and connecting with others. Its dynamic features and user-friendly interface make it my go-to for personal expression and content discovery. The platform’s Stories and Explore features add real-time and diverse elements to my social interactions. Additionally, connecting with industry peers and influencers enhances collaboration and provides updates on industry trends.

Evernote: It is my go-to for seamless note-taking, aiding in organisational efficiency. This versatile app serves as my digital notepad, allowing me to capture ideas, maintain to-do lists, and sync essential notes effortlessly across all my devices. Its features contribute to enhanced productivity and streamlined organisation in both work-related and personal contexts.
Calm: Incorporating mindfulness into my routine is important, and Calm helps me achieve that. It offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and relaxation exercises, contributing to my overall well-being.

Top startups in Nepal

Pathao Nepal operates in the ride-sharing and logistics sector. With the rising demand for efficient transportation solutions, Pathao Nepal will continue to expand its services, offering a convenient and reliable option for commuters. Diversifying into other logistics segments could further contribute to its growth.

Fonepay is a standout startup in Nepal, recognised for its innovative digital payment solutions and versatile services, covering everything from bill payments to QR-based transactions. The platform’s widespread merchant adoption enhances accessibility, fostering the adoption of digital payments across businesses. Crucially, Fonepay actively contributes to financial inclusion by providing user-friendly options, aligning with Nepal’s journey towards a cashless economy.

Favourite clothing brands

My favourite clothing brands are chosen based on a combination of style, comfort, and sustainability. I appreciate:

Uniqlo: Offering simplicity and quality at affordable prices, Uniqlo’s minimalistic designs and durable fabrics make it a go-to for everyday wear.

US Polo Assn: It is a favourite clothing brand for its casual and sporty style. I appreciate its comfortable and affordable options that effortlessly blend into my everyday wardrobe.
Patagonia: Known for its commitment to sustainability, Patagonia’s outdoor clothing aligns with my values, and the quality ensures longevity.

Ultimately, I choose brands that not only align with my aesthetic preferences but also share values of quality and sustainability, creating a wardrobe that mirrors my personal style and values.

A perfume you use

Sauvage by Dior. I gifted that to myself.

Most used electronic gadget

Has to be my iPhone 13 Pro

Favourite way to unwind and recharge after a busy day

After a busy day, I find my balance and recharge through a mix of activities. Whether playing basketball, going for long drives, enjoying parties, watching movies, or meditating, each element adds its unique flavour to my relaxation routine. It’s a diverse mix that ensures I unwind and recharge in a way that suits my mood and energy levels.

Favourite company globally

One of the companies that truly inspires me globally is Apple Inc. What captivates me is Apple’s unwavering dedication to innovation and design excellence. The seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology with a focus on user experience is not just remarkable but personally resonant. Apple doesn’t just produce products; it creates a lifestyle and a community around its brand. The consistent ability to set industry standards and push the boundaries in the tech world invariably connects with my passion for staying at the forefront of trends. It’s a testament to the power of visionary leadership and a customer-centric approach; values I aspire to embrace in various aspects of my life.

What role do brand values play in your purchasing decisions?

Brand values play a significant role in my purchasing decisions. I believe a brand’s values reflect its integrity and commitment to principles that align with my own. When considering a purchase, I look beyond the product and assess how well a brand’s values resonate with mine. I prefer brands that prioritise ethical practices, sustainability, and a sense of social responsibility. This personal connection with a brand’s values not only influences my decisions as a consumer but also shapes my perspective on the importance of values in the products and brands I engage with in life.

Is expensive necessarily better?

Personally, when it comes to balancing luxury and affordability in my purchasing decisions, I consider a nuanced approach. While luxury items may offer exclusivity and premium quality, I also weigh the value, functionality, and overall experience of the product. I don’t adhere to the belief that ‘expensive is necessarily better.’ Instead, I prioritise finding a harmonious blend where a product aligns with my preferences, lifestyle, and budget. This philosophy influences my choices, ensuring I make decisions based on a holistic assessment rather than a price tag alone.

Most important qualities when choosing a brand

When choosing a brand, the most important qualities are quality, sustainability, and customer service. Quality ensures that the product meets or exceeds my expectations, providing value for my investment. Sustainability has become a significant factor as I increasingly prioritise eco-friendly practices and ethical considerations in my choices. Exceptional customer service is vital for a seamless and positive interaction with the brand. These aspects collectively shape my preferences, influencing the brands I choose to support and integrate into my lifestyle.

Does your personal branding align with any specific brands?

Absolutely, I believe my personal branding and image align with brands that share values such as authenticity, innovation, and a commitment to social responsibility. I am drawn to brands that prioritise quality, creativity, and sustainability. This alignment is reflected not only in the products I choose but also in the lifestyle and ethos that resonate with me. As a consumer, I seek brands that mirror my values, contributing to a sense of authenticity and connection in the choices I make.

Things to remember before choosing a brand

Choosing a brand is personal; I seek values that align and prioritise high quality. Reputation, affordability, authenticity, and innovation matter. Exceptional customer service and consistent messaging are key. Understanding a brand’s market positioning reflects my values. Clear return policies and accessibility enhance satisfaction. In my world, brand selection is a personal journey, reflecting dedication to authenticity, quality, and values. 

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