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Turkish Airlines launches ‘TK Wallet’ to enhance payments,  refunds for passengers

B360 February 12, 2024, 4:52 pm
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  • Miles&Smiles members can complete payment and refund processes quickly and easily with TK Wallet

Turkish Airlines, an airline with a global reach, has expanded its digital services for passengers with the launch of the TK Wallet application.

Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Commercial Officer of Turkish Airlines, said, "In line with our digitalisation goals, we continuously improve ourselves to implement applications that will facilitate our passengers' travels. We are working to make our services more accessible and continue to introduce innovations that will add comfort to our guests' travel experiences. We have added TK Wallet to our digital payment methods by incorporating it into our digital services used through the Turkish Airlines mobile application and website."

Turkish Airlines offers its Miles&Smiles members the convenience of making faster payments and refunds using the TK Wallet. It also provides an opportunity to earn TK Money in addition to the refund amount for ticket and additional service purchases made through its mobile application and website.

TK Money, earned through refund transactions via  TK Wallet, is available in four different currencies — Turkish Lira, Euro, US dollar, and British pound. It can be used quickly and securely through Turkish Airlines' online channels.

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