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Koshi's dairy association welcomes ban on import of dairy products

B360 February 25, 2024, 4:18 pm
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DAMAK, JHAPA: Dairy Industry Association of Koshi Province has expressed its approval of the government's ban on import of dairy products.

A meeting of the owners of eight major dairy factories affiliated with the association, held in Damak Municipality, Jhapa district on Saturday, welcomed the decision. They expressed their belief that the ban on the import of dairy products would provide relief to domestic dairy producers.

The Association's Coordinator, Ramchandra Upreti, stated that due to unrestricted imports, local products were not being sold. Therefore, they are pleased with the government's recent decision to halt imports.

In the meantime, the Association has decided to regularise the payment for the milk it purchases from dairy farmers. The meeting resolved to prioritise local products for domestic consumption.

The meeting was attended by the owners of various dairy factories, including NMC Dairy Industry, Sagarmatha Dairy Association, Kamdhenu Dairy Cooperatives, Ritika Dairy Industry, Shivam Dairy Industries, Gorus Dairy, Jeevan Bikas Dairy, and Madani Milk House.


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