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NEPSE Index plummets to 1979.02, lowest since Dec 12

B360 February 25, 2024, 4:28 pm
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KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange nosedived by 26.81 points or 1.33% to close at 1979.02. It is the lowest that the index has slumped since December 12.

Sensitive index, measuring the Class ‘A’ securities, also dropped to 353.83, a fall of 5.74 points. The total turnover was 3.086 billion. A total of 317 companies’ shares transacted in the trading session which witnessed 8,546,930 shares exchanging hands in 71,880 transactions. 

In alignment with the overall bearish sentiment, only 38 companies observed uptrend status and 206 declined. The hydropower sector (-2.42%) was hit the most while Investment (-1.86%) and Banking (-1.63%) sectors completed the top three. Apart from Finance (+1.40%) and Manufacturing & Processing (+0.80%), all other sectors witnessed downward trend.

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