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Minister Sharma urges private sector to prepare IT sector plan and projects

B360 February 28, 2024, 11:26 am
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KATHMANDU: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has called upon the private sector to ready plans and projects in the IT sector for the upcoming Investment Summit. 

This call was made during a meeting with representatives from the Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI)'s IT Council,  American Chambers of Commerce in Nepal  (AmCham Nepal), and Nepal Association for Software and I.T. Services Companies (NAS-IT).

The Minister underscored the importance of showcasing investment plans and programmes in the IT sector, akin to other sectors, during the Investment Summit. She motivated entrepreneurs to formulate projects and plans in the IT sector. Highlighting the necessity for a Project Bank in the IT sector, she asked the private sector to offer suggestions on potential actions in the IT sector in relation to government policies and programmes, and budget.

She observed that despite the government's strategy of digital transformation since the implementation of the Digital Nepal Framework, the lack of a collective vision for the IT sector has led to an unfavourable environment for investment. Therefore, she emphasised the need to establish a mutual understanding of IT among the government, private sector, and the public. She called for swift identification of investors and human resources in the IT sector and sought cooperation from the private sector to foster national prosperity through digital transformation.

She also informed that legislation on IT and cybersecurity is in the pipeline. Similarly, representatives from the private sector advocated for the establishment of a favourable environment to draw significant investments in the IT sector. They spotlighted the vast potential of the country's IT sector and urged the Minister to draft necessary laws and develop infrastructure accordingly. They called for a mutual understanding among government agencies regarding IT and start-up enterprises and pledged their support to the government in improving the country's IT sector.


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