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CG Motors to improve after-sales service for Hero two-wheelers

B360 February 28, 2024, 1:27 pm
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KATHMANDU: CG Motors, the authorised distributor of Hero motorcycles and scooters in Nepal, has pledged to improve its after-sales service.

Previously, Hero customers faced issues due to confusion about the authorised distributor of Hero products. Now, CG Motors has promised to provide a service that meets international standards. "Our commitment extends beyond selling motorcycles and scooters. We aim to provide after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction," stated CG Motors.

Upon becoming Hero's official dealer, CG Motors has begun addressing consumer issues. The company has committed to delivering 3S services. "We aim to redefine Hero's service by providing a customer experience. We have made spare parts readily available and improved our after-sales service," the company said.

CG Motors has announced that Hero's service centres will have parts available from March. In preparation, the company is setting up its own warehouse. A Letter of Credit (LC) has been initiated for importing spare parts. "There might be a temporary shortage in the market as spare parts have not been imported for a while, but this situation will soon be resolved," assured GM Prakash Devkota, who oversees Sales and Operations at CG Motors.


Hero has a reputation in Nepal, with its motorcycles and scooters being top sellers. The company's objective is to meet the needs of Hero customers.

In addition to sales, service, and spare parts, warranty is also important. CG Motors has pledged to honour all warranties. They have also promised to address any warranty issues that may have arisen before they acquired the dealership of Hero brand two-wheelers.

In line with its strategy to strengthen its presence in Nepal, Hero MotoCorp has partnered with CG Motors, a subsidiary of the Chaudhary Group. This partnership will result in the establishment of greenfield facility in Nawalpur district to assemble Hero's products for the Nepali market. The company hopes that this initiative will stimulate the local economy and create job opportunities.

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