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“If you don’t do something you will not know if it is possible - That is something that still hits me to this day”

B360 April 10, 2024, 3:39 pm
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Prasanna Tamrakar
Creative Head, Brand Brewers 

Prasanna Tamrakar, with over seven years of experience in the realm of design, digital strategy and search engine optimisation, is the Creative Head at Brand Brewers, an advertising agency that works with companies like Sasto Tickets and Society International Travel, not only as consultants but also as implementers of their digital marketing strategy.

Describing himself as an eternal optimist, Tamrakar strives to establish a brand that works towards helping businesses expand, launch products with better reach, improve brand and customer relationship, and create a strong brand identity through the medium of design.

In this edition of Business 360, we learn about what Tamrakar, someone who develops brands himself, values in brands and the criteria on which he makes choices.

As someone who works on the branding of other companies, when you see a brand, what do you notice?

There are a lot of different things I notice in a brand. It also differs on the basis of every brand. Personally, I notice the logo and its type. It is what matters a lot.

iPhone or Android

I am using an Android now. But I generally prefer Apple.

What mobile apps do you use the most?

Primarily, I use WhatsApp. It is mostly for communication. It has become a tool for the office’s internal communication but I use it to communicate with clients as well.

I use Pinterest as a source of creative inspiration. I have also been using apps like Behance and Dribbble for similar reasons.

What is your most used electronic gadget?

My laptop probably. I use a MacBook Pro.

Vehicle of choice

I have been using my bike. I have a Xpulse from Hero as my primary vehicle.

Dream biking trip

I really want to go to Leh, Ladakh. I find the scenery of that place majestic. In Nepal specifically it would have to be Rara Lake. I want to go there at least once. Instead of biking I would actually like to go there through local means. Recently, I also went to Langtang on a trek with my friends which was great.

Travelling solo or with company

Solo trips have their own charm and enjoyment but I always prefer to travel with friends. The bonding you have when you travel as a group with friends is irreplaceable.

A Nepali startup you think has potential

I love the concept of Khaalisisi. They have carved a niche for themselves. The term Khaalisisi makes me think of the people who collect recyclable material. They have redefined the word itself, where now I think of the startup.

Favourite company globally

Globally it would have to be Apple. It is now top of the charts. The innovation they bring to the table is great as well. If I had to pick something specific then it would have to be their creativity and consistency. They are very gradual with their changes and there is always a consistency with everything they do.

Favourite clothing brand

I don’t have a specific brand I love when it comes to clothing. I generally shop locally, looking for something with a Nepali touch. I have liked using Juju Wears, specifically for their prints. The newly established Maya Wears also makes some great products, although they are still in their growing phase. I am a person who does not have particularly strong opinions about choices. I am happy with most things.

Online or physical shopping

Both are equally useful to me, but actually physically going somewhere and having the product in your hands is really helpful. Online you can use the reviews as a reference but not all of them are going to be genuine. Some of them could be artificially generated and not actual people. So, I definitely prefer going physically to a store. For online shopping it has to be Daraz. I use it not just for clothes but for many other needs as well. Physically it has to be the local markets.

Favourite eating spot

I think I have a versatile taste. I eat most things ranging from local to foreign food. In Patan, near my home there is a sandwich shop called the Galli Sandwich Hub. I have been frequenting it almost biweekly.

Is there any business personality you look up to?

I have been following Chris Do a lot. I am a big fan of his marketing and branding style.

A woman-run business you think deserves accolades

I am a big fan of Anushka Shrestha’s Makkuse and everything they have been doing. She has been trying to take that level and quality of products globally, which would be wonderful to see.

Best work advice you have received

‘Everything is on the basis of trial and error. If you don’t do something you will not know if it is possible’. That is something that still hits me to this day.

Preferred way of consuming media

During work, most of the time I am on social media by necessity. I have been using Netflix quite a bit in recent times. The last film I watched was called The Beekeeper.

Favourite ways of unwinding

I usually go on evening walks, after which I would probably watch a movie.

A brand experience that impressed or disappointed you

I would not say I was disappointed per se, but when I bought the phone which I use now three years ago, the Huawei Nova 3i, the production stopped and spare parts stopped coming to Nepal. So, it has been very difficult for me to get replacement parts for the product. So, I have been thinking of getting back into the Apple ecosystem.

Is an expensive brand better?

I don’t think something has to be brand specific. It has to be good on the affordability scale. The value it creates is also an important part. If something is giving you the same utility, with both the expensive and cheaper object giving you the same result, there is no reason to buy on the expensive side.

Best experience when working with a brand

Working with Brand Brewers, we had worked with IME Pay and they had given us full creative freedom as a client. So, we were able to try new forms of marketing like meme marketing which has become successful. It is not something generally done in Nepal, you would see it in India sometimes. It is difficult to find brands that are so cooperative. 

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