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New Broker platform redefines trading experience in Nepali Share Market

B360 April 12, 2024, 2:33 pm
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KATHMANDU: Stock Analytics Software (SAS), a platform developed by Source Code, is an innovation in the Nepali share market landscape. SAS, the first of its kind in Nepal, sets international standards in financial technology, empowering investors and brokers with advanced tools and insights.

Amod Bhattarai, CEO of Source Code, expressed satisfaction with the platform’s reception, stating, “The overwhelming response to SAS reaffirms our commitment to innovation and excellence in the Nepali finance sector. We are proud to bring world-class technology to our market, empowering investors and brokers with cutting-edge technology, which helps clients track their share portfolio, broker transaction and get real time share market information through a single platform.”

SAS introduces a comprehensive suite of features for investors and brokers alike.

From providing real-time updates of clients’ portfolio after buy/ sell transaction to streamline account opening processes with a 3 in 1 KYC procedure, including video verification, SAS offers a range of functionalities that enhance efficiency and transparency to client on their trading transaction with brokers.

Notably, SAS enables effortless tracking of receivable and payable balances with respective brokers, promoting transparency and timely payments. Access to five years of financial data allows users to identify stock valuation trends for informed investment decision, while powerful charting tools with over 100 technical indicators facilitate effective trend analysis and market forecasting.

Detailed updates on indices, broker activities, and market dynamic empower users to make strategic decision, complemented by an AI Broker Assistant for real-time assistance and issue tracking.

Timely notifications on stock price movements, portfolio updates, and new investment opportunities facilitate proactive decision-making, while a customizable stock screener tailors trading strategies to individual preferences and goals. Additionally, brokers gain access to clients’ risk profiles based on transaction history, enabling personalized service and informed decision-making.

Brokers and investor who have adopted SAS attest to its transformative impact on trading practices.

Atit Lal Shrestha, Executive Chairman of Capital Max Securities remarked, “SAS has transformed the way we do business. Its advanced features and intuitive interface have helped us attract new customer, provide quality service to them and enhanced client satisfaction.”

Similarly, Chairman of Vision Securities Limited, Rajakumar Timilsina quoted that, “Stock Analysis Software (SAS) has helped to provide world class services to our clients by making them stay up-to-date with their transaction and portfolio features.”

Maniraj Pandey shared similar sentiments, stating, “Using SAS has been a game-change for me as an investor. Its comprehensive analysis tools and real-time portfolio updates is very beneficial. Moreover, I am getting this software free as a customer of Capital Max Securities and I am very satisfied with the service so far”.

“I regularly track my share portfolio and also use technical and fundamental analysis tools to make trading decisions and this software has helped me a lot. The broker analysis section in this system is very comprehensive and I can see multiple technical charts in one screen which is one of my favorite features of this system. I am very happy with this service so far.” added Anju Maharjan, another investor.

The increasing adoption of SAS signals a significant advancement in the Nepali share market, promising increased efficiency, transparency, and informed decision-making for all stakeholders.

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