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ICT Foundation Nepal to host 3rd iteration of 'Digital Nepal Conclave' on Jun 7

B360 May 6, 2024, 10:42 am
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KATHMANDU: ICT Foundation Nepal is preparing to host the third edition of 'Digital Nepal Conclave' on June 7, 2024. 

The conclave with the theme 'Harmonising Digitisation and Development', scheduled to be held at the Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, will feature over 50 participants, including several international experts. These individuals will contribute to various sessions as speakers. 

The event will comprise more than 10 sessions, each centred around one of seven different themes. In addition, there will be ministerial-level dialogues and keynote presentations delivered by some international experts.

The conclave will also serve as a platform for the introduction and demonstration of new technologies and initiatives for Digital Nepal. It is expected that over 600 individuals, including representatives from federal, provincial, and local governments, stakeholders, experts, entrepreneurs, and startups, will participate in the programme.

Earlier this year, the ICT Foundation Nepal organised a two-day digital conclave in Karnali Province. The event was part of their ongoing two-year initiative of digital dialogue programmes across all seven provinces. The initiative has also led to the creation of research books that delve into the digital landscape and capabilities of each province.

In response to the government's announcement of the Digital Nepal Framework in 2019, the Foundation has been undertaking various activities in this field.

Razan Lamsal, Chairperson of the ICT Foundation Nepal, stated that the organisation is implementing programmes across the country to promote digital transformation and the development of its ecosystem. He added that this year's Digital Nepal Conclave will be made even more impactful and effective.

The reports and research publications from the Digital Nepal Conclave can be accessed on the website.

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