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Finance Minister seeks suggestions from women entrepreneurs for upcoming budget

B360 May 7, 2024, 12:51 pm
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KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun engaged with women entrepreneurs, seeking their input for the upcoming fiscal year's budget.

Minister Pun conducted an interaction programme with officials from the Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs' Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) on Monday.

FWEAN President Shova Gyawali, along with other officials including Mala Kharel and Abhilasha Poudel, suggested topics to be incorporated into the budget to promote women's enterprises.

During the discussion at the Ministry of Finance in Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Minister Pun expressed his belief that the strength of the country's economy is tied to the financial status of women. He shared his intention to make preferential arrangements for women entrepreneurs in the upcoming budget.


Minister Pun encouraged the women entrepreneurs to provide suggestions for the budget to facilitate the creation of more women entrepreneurs. He stated, "If the economic condition of women improves, it will become essential for women to receive quality education. After receiving a good education, women become independent. Only when women are economically active, an environment will be created where women will come forward in politics, administration, and social services."

Minister Pun also noted that 27% of women are property owners due to the policy of offering a fee discount in property registration when registering in the name of a woman. Since 27% of women own property, banks are providing them with loans for conducting business. He observed that the notion that sons and daughters are equal has developed. He said, "It is now felt that if you educate your daughter, you will also have an educated daughter-in-law. This societal change has come about due to property relations. It is sufficient for a man to do business by pledging property. However, most women still do not have the condition to do business by taking a loan because only a few women own property."

Minister Pun sought suggestions from FWEAN officials regarding the topics to be included in the upcoming budget to encourage more women to become entrepreneurs. He also expressed the opinion that established women entrepreneurs should lead and guide newcomers and startups in entrepreneurship. Minister Pun further opined that when property is in the hands of women, their confidence also increases.

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