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MeroJob launches scholarship programme for individuals interested in IT

B360 May 15, 2024, 11:23 am
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KATHMANDU: MeroJob, in collaboration with Google LLC, has launched the Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme.

This scholarship programme is designed for individuals with an interest in IT and technology, with the aim of providing global competence and the necessary skills to enhance competitive capacity.

This programme is tailored for Nepali individuals who are keen to advance their skills and competencies, particularly in the dynamic IT sector. The programme plans to enrol 500 applicants for a scholarship that offers six months of comprehensive online training in the Google-certified career certificate course.

In the meantime, MeroJob has also partnered with the Society Of Economic Journalists – Nepal (SEJON) to include economic journalists in the programme.

SEJON President Sujan Oli and MeroJob Managing Director Shailendra Raj Giri signed the MoU in this regard.

The online courses focus on the technical skills and knowledge required in various areas such as IT support, data analytics, project management, user experience, UX design, digital marketing, and cybersecurity.

Upon passing the examination and evaluation of the six-month course, the selected candidates will receive an internationally recognised certificate, Giri informed. Google is conducting this type of programme in Nepal for the first time.

Meanwhile, SEJON President Oli expressed his gratitude for the opportunity provided to his organisation to participate in the programme.

Candidates will be required to regularly participate in the online course under the scholarship programme. They will need to engage in group discussions and interactions, and also take exams.

MeroJob Managing Director Giri informed that if the candidates or trainees are found not attending the online class regularly, they will be dismissed from the programme. According to him, to make the Google content suitable to the Nepali environment, the company is also planning to host a webinar with Nepali experts.

There are specific criteria for selection, and those who meet the specified conditions will be selected within the specified quota. Those who can read and write English can participate in this programme.

The basic terms and conditions specify that the trainee must have a laptop or computer and an internet connection.

Applicants need to complete a form at the beginning of the selection process and answer the questions asked in the form without using AI or other means of translation.

Giri informed that priority will be given to applicants from financially disadvantaged classes or marginalised communities.

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