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Popular artist Ani Choying Drolma raises Rs 15m for humanitarian aid thru concerts, other activities in UK

B360 May 16, 2024, 5:40 pm
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KATHMANDU: Social worker and popular artist Ani Choying Drolma has returned to Nepal after raising Rs 15 million for humanitarian aid through various events, including a concert in the UK.

The renowned singer Drolma, who has been promoting peace globally through her music, travelled to the UK to support the humanitarian organisation, Manavseva Ashram. The organisation aims to eradicate homelessness in Nepal by rescuing and rehabilitating those living on the streets by 2025.

Drolma revealed that the funds to support Manavseva Ashram were raised through the 'Inner Melody for Inner Peace Live Concert' and the 'Meet and Greet' programme, organised at various locations in the UK. A significant event was held on May 5 at the Country Club in Camberley, UK.

Expressing her joy at supporting the ashram in its humanitarian efforts and contributing to the promotion of humanity, she pledged to continue her involvement in the ashram's humanitarian work in the future. Of the total amount raised, Rs 5.2 million came from ticket sales, Rs 2 million from sponsors, and Rs 841,000 from the sale of her autobiography, 'Phool Ko Aankhama'.

In addition to the concert, 'Meet and Greet' programmes were organised at the Embassy of Nepal in London, in Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland, at the Aldershot Monastery, Reading Monastery, and Plumstead Monastery, Shiv Mandir Aldershot, and the Sri Lankan Embassy in the UK. Sunilbabu Khadka, the UK chapter coordinator for Manavseva Ashram, stated that Drolma's concert and UK tour will aid in the service delivery of Manavseva Ashram.

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