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MHPL launches mobile app for customer loan repayment transactions

B360 May 20, 2024, 12:59 pm
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KATHMANDU: MAW Hire Purchase Pvt Ltd (MHPL) has launched 'MAW Hire Purchase' mobile app, offering customers a convenient and secure method to conduct loan repayment transactions digitally. 

Innovation and technological advancement are rapidly evolving across all sectors, becoming an indispensable necessity for every industry in today's digital landscape. 

This digital phenomenon is also applicable to the hire purchase industry, where the demand for transparency in transactions, a secure and convenient instalment payment system, real-time settlement and notifications, and other such features are highly appreciated by customers. As such, the launch of the 'MAW Hire Purchase' app is a significant milestone in providing the services required by customers. 

Gone are the days when customers had to be physically present to know the status of their loans. MHPL has introduced the app after conducting a thorough study and gaining an understanding of consumer needs. 

The app is equipped with impressive features, such as access to loan details, including payment schedules and outstanding balances; secure and convenient EMI payment options within the app; real-time notifications for payment reminders and updates on loan status; and a user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.

At an official event, Vishnu Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director of MAW Group of Companies, and Prananath Bhattarai, General Manager of MHPL, launched the 'MAW Hire Purchase' app. 

"At MHPL, we are constantly striving to enhance convenience for our customers at every opportunity. Today's unveiling of the ‘MHPL App’ marks a significant milestone for us, making us more digitally and efficiently connected with our clientele. Through the MHPL app, customers can now access real-time insights into their transactions. This is just the beginning; we are continually committed to enriching the app features in response to market demands,” stated MHPL General Manager Bhattarai.

MHPL is a reputable name in the Hire-Purchase sector, promoted by MAW Group and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. The company serves over 30,000 customers across the country. So far, it has disbursed loans totalling Rs 10.19 billion through an extensive network throughout Nepal.

MHPL provides loans for two-wheelers, both EVs and fossil fuel-powered automobiles, pre-owned cars, commercial vehicles, heavy and agricultural equipment. 

The organisation prioritises providing loans to various enterprises to create self-employment, which contributes to advancing the country's economy.

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