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Global Glamour Venture conducts student empowerment programme

B360 June 10, 2024, 1:24 pm
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KATHMANDU: Global Glamour Venture, the organiser of Miss Universe Nepal 2024, conducted a student empowerment programme at Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT) in Kathmandu on Sunday. 

The programme encompassed motivational activities aimed at fostering personal development and enhancing the career prospects of the students.

Renowned singer Indira Joshi was the highlight of the programme. She inspired the students to adopt a positive mindset, strengthen their self-confidence, and persist in their efforts to reach their goals. Drawing from her own experiences, she provided guidance on tackling challenges and maximising their potential.


To foster engagement, a question and answer session was held where students posed various queries to Joshi. This interactive session was reported to have clarified their doubts and broadened their knowledge.

Joshi facilitated several group discussions, role-playing exercises, and creative challenges related to fashion and technology to boost students' self-expression and confidence. She encouraged the students to collaborate, introduce new ideas, and demonstrate their capabilities.

Meanwhile, Global Glamour Venture expressed confidence that such programmes would cultivate self-assurance, creativity, and leadership skills among students.

The organisers of Miss Universe Nepal 2024 announced that this kind of interactive programme will be rolled out across all seven provinces of the country, with the enthusiastic participation of over 70 students.


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