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NA members demand govt increase budget in agro sector

B360 July 4, 2024, 8:29 am
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KATHMANDU: National Assembly members have called for an increase in the budget for the education sector and emphasised the need for modernising agriculture.

During discussions on various ministries' allocations under the Appropriation Bill, 2081, Padam Bahadur Pariyar highlighted that the 16th periodic plan aims to maintain the education sector budget above 10%. Therefore, the education budget should not be reduced.

Pariyar noted that the current allocation falls short of meeting the sector's needs. "The government has allocated 10.95% of the total budget to education this fiscal year, but it is set to decrease in the coming year. We must not reduce the education budget," he emphasised.

Pariyar also expressed satisfaction with the introduction of programs benefiting disabled teachers and students.

Similarly, Ananda Prasad Dhungana emphasised that poverty alleviation hinges on the modernisation and commercialisation of agriculture.

"Agriculture is the backbone of our country's development, yet farmers' challenges persist. The budget allocated to the agricultural sector has not adequately addressed these issues," he explained.

Dhungana questioned whether reducing the agro sector budget by Rs 1 billion for the upcoming fiscal year would enable agricultural modernisation.

He urged the government to ensure timely provision of sufficient fertiliser, seeds, and irrigation facilities to farmers.

Furthermore, lawmakers participating in deliberations on appropriation headings related to various ministries under the Appropriation Bill, 2081, asserted that prosperity lies in implementing the Agriculture Decade outlined in the budget statement for the upcoming fiscal year.

They believe that the national economy can thrive through agricultural development, restructuring, mechanisation, and modernisation.

Lawmakers Bamdev Gautam, Jhakku Prasad Subedi, Bhagawati Neupane, Mohammad Khalid, and Gopi Bahadur Sarki Achhami actively contributed to the discussions.

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