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‘Government is committed to ending discrimination against labourers’

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KATHMANDU: Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Krishna Kumar Shrestha has pledged to make country's labour sector systematic and decent through the implementation of fundamental rights relating to labour mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal. In a message today on the occasion of the 133rd International Labour Day, Minister Shrestha has said the government is firm on creating employment opportunities, ensuring participation of working class community in the policymaking, providing proper wages and safety to the workers, and ending all sorts of discrimination against the labourers. Stating that legal, policy and procedural reforms for the implementation of those fundamental rights have been initiated, Minister Shrestha has argued that innovative efforts have been taken for management of foreign employment, domestic employment promotion and social security. The Minister has underscored the need for collaboration among the government, employers and employees for country's self-reliant economy through production and productivity growth. In his message, Shrestha has committed to implementing the provisions of minimum wages, social security and labour laws for the welfare of workers in the country. The government is working to create skilled human resources as per the need of the destination countries in regard to the foreign employment of Nepalis, according to Minister Shrestha. The government has prioritised new labour agreement and labour agreement renewal with the destination countries for the rights, dignity and security of Nepali migrant workers there, Minister Shrestha shared. By RSS READ ALSO:
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