Sat, April 20, 2024

Nepali Embassy in Japan hosts AA 20 meet

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KATHMANDU: Nepali Embassy in Japan held a meeting of Asia Africa 20 (AA 20) in Tokyo, on Friday. AA 20 is a platform that helps create direct connections between embassies of countries in Asian and African regions in Japan and various Japanese companies wanting to expand their businesses. On behalf of AA 20, chargés d'affaires (CDA) Ambika Joshi welcomed the representatives of various Japanese corporations, ambassadors and other diplomats of the embassies of a number of countries from Asia and Africa, and representatives of Nepali business community in Japan. Former Minister of Finance of Japan Koroko Jojima was also a guest in the meeting. Addressing the meeting, Joshi underlined investment needs as well as investment potentials of Nepal. He also talked about Nepal's readiness to welcome foreign investment and encouraged Japanese investors to invest in Nepal. Saying Nepal has attractive investment sectors including tourism and hydropower, the keynote speaker of the meeting and senior advisor of Domestic Strategy and partnership Department of JICA, Shouhei Sugita, urged Japanese investors to take advantage of the opportunities available in Nepal. A promotional video featuring the diversity of Nepali art and culture was screened as well as guests were offered hospitality with Nepali and Japanese food after the meeting, according to the Nepali Embassy, Tokyo. READ ALSO:
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