Sat, April 20, 2024

EIA report of under-construction dry port in Kanchanpur to be released soon

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MAHENDRANAGAR: The Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) of a dry port being constructed in Dodhara Chandani Municipality of Kanchanpur district is in the final stage. The government had forwarded a proposal to construct a dry port at Kanjabhoj in Dodhara Chandani. Executive Director of Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board, Ashish Gajurel, said efforts were ongoing for the assurance of resources and use of the proposed area of the dry port. He said the consultants were preparing the EIA report and will be submitted to the Ministry of Forests and Environment for approval within one and a half months. The tender bidding process will begin after the Ministry gives approval, according to Gajurel. The master plan of the dry port has already been prepared after the completion of the feasibility study of the dry port. The physical infrastructures of the dry port including customs point, godown, railway platform and parking yard will be constructed in the area of 280 bighas. The proposed dry port is at a distance of about 1,200 metres from the four-lane bridge constructed over Mahakali River. By RSS READ ALSO:
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