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Street food festival to be held in Bandipur in New Year

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DAMAULI: A street food festival is going to be organised in Bandipur of Tanahun district on the occasion of Nepali New Year. Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Regional Hotel Entrepreneurs Association, Bandipur, and Tanahun Chamber of Commerce and Industry will jointly organise the food festival. The three-day event will begin on April 13, said Kisan Pradhan, Chairperson of the Bandipur Tourism Development Committee. He further said that the street festival is going to be organised with the objective of bringing in more tourists to Bandipur. Pradhan shared, "Programmes have not been conducted during the beginning of New Year for the past few years due to Covid 19. Now, we are organising the street food festival along with musical programme as Covid 19 infection rate has now declined." A total of 77 hotels that are in operation in Bandipur are associated with Hotel Association. READ ALSO:
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