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Parliamentary subcommittee formed for making submissions on foreign policy

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KATHMANDU: The International Relations Committee under the House of Representatives (HoR) has formed a subcommittee to study the status of the country’s overall foreign policy and prepare a report. The subcommittee comprises Pushpa Bhusal, Deepak Prakash Bhatta, Leeladevi Sitaula and a representative each from the political parties representing in the committee, according to Committee President Pabitra Niraula (Kharel). It has been assigned to analyse reports about the foreign policy advanced so far, implementation status of the documents, issues that need to be revised and prepare the report for submission. The subcommittee is expected to identify issues missing in the existing foreign policy and set its priorities.  It will organise a workshop with the participation of experts from different quarters to seek suggestions for eliminating the situation of alteration in foreign policy with the government change. As Kharel said, the Committee decided to deal with the matter by constituting the subpanel bearing in mind the gravity of the issue and in-depth study and discussions demanded by it. The objective of the subcommittee is to advise and propose a better foreign policy in the days to come, it is said. By RSS READ ALSO:
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