Thu, February 22, 2024

Sharp rise in poultry feed price affects farmers

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CHITWAN: Poultry farmers have been affected by the hike in the price of feeds recently. The price of poultry feed has witnessed a sharp increase citing the raw materials' price hike due to the impacts of Covid 19 pandemic on the international market. With the rise in raw materials’ price, the feed producers have increased the price of poultry feed, which has affected the poultry farmers in the district. Tikaram Pokharel, Managing Director of Sky Lark Agro Company, one of the largest poultry feed industries in Nepal, said the price of raw materials required for making poultry feed has sharply risen. The price of legumes that used to cost Rs 72 last year is now Rs 120 per kg. Likewise, the price of maize is Rs 38 per kg which was Rs 32 while the price of oil is Rs 242 per litre which was Rs 160. Almost 75% of the poultry feed consists of legumes and maize. Pokharel claimed that the price of vitamins, minerals and other essential medical items has also increased up to 40%, making poultry farming costlier. Pokharel, also the Vice-Chairman of Poultry Association of Nepal, said that the farmers are directly affected after the price hike in feed and raw materials adding that they were having a tough time even getting their basic costs after the reduced price of eggs and chicken. The importers have encountered difficulties to import maize and legume from India and Bangladesh citing decreased production this year. Likewise, they have complained of the unavailability of containers to bring in goods from the third countries. The international trade chain has been collapsed due to Covid 19, the traders said.
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