Thu, June 13, 2024

Finance Minister Sharma appeals to entrepreneurs to produce mobile phones in country

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KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has urged entrepreneurs to produce mobile phones in the country. He pledged that the government would provide necessary assistance for the same. "I have heard that the Mero Mobile company is working to produce mobile phones in the country itself. Not only the company, but all of the mobile phone entrepreneurs should also focus on the matter for which the government will assist," he assured while inaugurating the second general convention of the Nepal Mobile Distributors Association (NMDA) held in Kathmandu today. He also directed the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to immediately implement the mobile device management system. "I have been informed that the system had been set to be implemented five months before. What are the problems that prevented the project? I have directed the concerned body to resolve the problems (if any) and implement them. The government is always effortful to stop illegal transactions and revenue leakages," Minister Sharma said. He also dismissed the blame by mobile phone entrepreneurs that the government delayed the implementation of the project. On the occasion, mobile entrepreneurs have urged the government to stop the illegal supply of mobile phones. They viewed that the illegal supply of phones has contributed to most of the criminal activities taking place in the country. The mobile phone entrepreneurs also asked the government to implement the project soon.
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