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Tourism partnership between Nepal, Bangladesh stressed

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GANDAKI: Discussion was held between tourism entrepreneurs of Bangladesh and Pokhara over various matters including tourism partnership. Tourism entrepreneurs including office-bearers of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Bangladesh are on a visit to Nepal at the invitation of the PATA Nepal Chapter. On the occasion, emphasis was laid on reviving the tourism sector, affected by the coronavirus pandemic, by increasing collaboration in the tourism sector. At a programme organised by Pokhara Tourism Council at the promotion of Nepal Tourism Board and coordination of PATA Nepal, speakers said the tourism activities could be taken ahead through a medium of the partnership between two countries. Executive Member of PATA Nepal, Tikaram Sapkota, shared that tourism partnership among neighbouring countries is indispensable. Similarly, PATA, Bangladesh, Chair Shahid Hamid said that Nepal is an attractive destination for sightseeing, adding that panoramic views of the mountains of Nepal attract Bangladeshi tourists. He also opined that tourism relations between Nepal and Bangladesh should be made strong. Chief of Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara, Kashiraj Bhandari, and General-Secretary of Pokhara Tourism Council, Ram Chandra Sharma expressed the belief that the programme will be fruitful among tourism entrepreneurs of both countries, saying such programmes are indispensable to revive the tourism. Eight people including office-bearers of PATA, Bangladesh, tourism entrepreneurs and mediapersons as well as tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara were present on the occasion.
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