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Jumla’s Guthichaur producing electricity through solar energy

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KHALANGA: Guthichaur Rural Municipality in Jumla district has started producing electricity through solar energy. Guthichaur rural municipality chairperson Hari Bahadur Bhandari shared that electricity is being produced at Murali Gaun in ward no 2. Bhandari said, "Around 2,000 households will be brought under the ambit of electricity which is being produced from solar energy." Ward no 2 was shrouded by darkness in lack of easy access to electricity. The affluent people had access to electricity through solar panels installed in their houses. Those economically disadvantaged people had been using oil-fed lamps. Bhandari further said that the local government was effortful to fulfil the objectives that each household in the locality shall have electricity access and taps. Also, the road network shall be expanded all over. A total of Rs 35.6 million has been allocated for solar energy. Local tourism is also expected to benefit from the electricity access in Guthichaur rural municipality as there are 53 home-stay in operation in the rural municipality.
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