Sat, June 22, 2024

Seven local levels face shortage of medicine in Bajura

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MARTADI: Seven local bodies in Bajura district are facing shortage of medicine after the supply was cut off due to the obstruction of roads. The roads in the district have been damaged or washed away by floods and landslides triggered by the recent unseasonal rains. As per the Ministry of Health and Population's guidelines, the District Hospital has to provide 70 various drugs, the primary health centres 58 types of drugs and the health posts 40 different types of drugs to the general public free of cost. However, the health posts at local levels in the district have run out of 40 drugs for free distribution. Health facilities in the Himali, Swami Kartik Khapar and Jagannath rural municipalities and Budhinanda Municipality are facing shortage of medicine. Similarly, the health posts in Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipality and the Badimalika and Triveni municipalities are also facing shortage of medicine. It has been reported that the health facilities in these local levels are running out of the medicine stock with the increasing number of patients. Patients suffering from fever, pneumonia, tuberculosis and diarrhoea and others have surged with the increase in cold weather.
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