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Govt to give up to 65 per cent in subsidy to paddy farmers

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KATHMANDU: The government has decided to give up to 65 per cent in subsidy to paddy farmers for the loss they have incurred from the recent floods. A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Thursday took a decision to dole out subsidy amount to the farmers by classifying them into small, medium and large groups based in the area of farming. According to the Government Spokesperson and Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki, farmers will be given subsidies up to 65 per cent of the total loss for the paddy farming done in 10 kattha or equal area of the land plot. Likewise, farmers involved in paddy farming from 10 kattha to three bighas of land will be provided with a maximum of 30 per cent in subsidy while others farming in more than three bighas of the plot will be given a maximum of 20 per cent of the loss. Minister Karki said that the government announcement on subsidy would be given by fixing the minimum support price of the paddy. For this, a task force comprising secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister will submit the required procedure within five days for approval.
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