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Post-monsoon rain damages over 3,000MT of paddy crop in Gandaki

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WALING: The incessant rain that occurred from October 17 has damaged more than 3,000 metric tonnes of paddy crop in Gandaki Province. Around 3,035 metric tonnes of paddy crop planted on 117,131 hectares of land was damaged by unseasonal rain in Gandaki, according to Shashi Adhikari, an agriculture economist at the Agriculture Development Directorate, Pokhara. As per the details collected from Kaski district-based Agriculture Knowledge Centres and local levels, rice planted on 2,378 hectares was already harvested in the province, added Adhikari. The rain completely damaged paddy crops planted on 843 hectares of land and partially damaged the crops planted on 7,112 hectares of land. He shared that the rains destroyed the 3,035 metric tonnes of crops incurring a loss of around Rs 8.755 million. The details of the actual loss will be made available as the details of the losses are being collected by the Agriculture Knowledge Centres based in Kaski and local levels of Gandaki Province. Meanwhile, the post-monsoon rains have damaged paddy crops planted on 490 hectares of land in Parbat, 348 hectares in Tanahun and 343 hectares in Kaski.
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