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CHN reconnecting with local communities for tourism recovery

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Kathmandu: Community Homestay Network (CHN) has begun to tour its local partner communities starting with Bardiya, Barauli, and Shree Antu, Illam. The trip is the company’s effort to reconnect with and revitalise local partners. CHN is one of the few companies in Nepal's tourism industry, that has vigorously worked during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic for the development of tourism recovery. CHN noticeably helped to diversify the income source of tourism-dependent communities by introducing a new marketplace in 2020-2021. Their 'Project Koseli' highlighted the local communities’ products to the domestic and global consumers as a part of the Covid-19 resilience initiative. With the expectation of a new flow of tourists, Community Homestay Network is gearing up to further carry out its mission of improving the standard of the tourism value chain and establishing local communities as essential partners in tourism recovery. It is working in collaboration with sister company Royal Mountain Travel for value-driven sustainable tourism development. READ ALSO:
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