Thu, February 22, 2024

ADA joins hand with Outreach to offer data-driven marketing in Nepal

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ADA partners with Outreach Nepal to introduce data-driven marketing practices in Nepal to both global and local brands. Operating pre-dominantly in South and South-East Asia, ADA is a data driven integrated digital marketing solution provider that designs and executes comprehensive digital campaigns for a wide variety of brands. With their substantial data-driven approach ADA offers their digital expertise to more than 375 million consumers. The collaboration with Outreach Nepal aims to provide clients with meticulous solutions to new challenges. Outreach Nepal is the most awarded advertising and communication agency in Nepal, creating innovative and distinct advertising campaigns for a broad range of corporate brands and development sectors since 2003. Outreach is 3-time finalists at the “Campaign South Asia Independent Agency of the Year” and is the sole winner for Nepal in the year 2016. It has also won multiple awards at many global forums. The agency has a proven track record of producing and facilitating creative ideas and strategic inputs to help many global brands to launch successfully in the Nepali market. With this partnership, the team at Outreach will be equipped to provide their clients with a series of extended services. Business insights, data enrichment, and advanced analytics will help the clients to understand the consumer mindset and design data-driven creative marketing strategies. The partnership will enable end-to-end digital marketing solutions for growth hacking, funnel and goal optimisation. Speaking on this partnership, Managing Director of ADA in Bangladesh, Ashraful Haque said, “I believe this association with Outreach Nepal will be a giant leap towards providing unique data and analytics driven solutions to our prospective clients in Nepal. It widens our horizons as an organisation and cements our vision to go far and beyond when it comes to ensuring data-based business solutions.” Ujaya Shakya, Founder Managing Director of Outreach Nepal said, “We have partnered with ADA to witness a new and dynamic data driven strategic approach, which would adapt global marketing way forwards for the brands and help achieve realistic business goals. This will also help to attract younger minds to our business of advertising which is now getting more digital-savvy” ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions. Operating across 10 markets in South and Southeast Asia, ADA partners with leading brands to drive their digital and data maturity, and achieve their business goals. ADA complements its unique digital expertise with deep proprietary data of 375 Million consumers.
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