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Nepal Investment Bank concludes its 34th AGM

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Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) successfully held its 34th Annual General Meeting for the fiscal year 2076-77 on January 21. The AGM highlighted the bank’s major achievements in the fiscal year 2076-77, future plans, performance targets and strategies. Chaired by the Chairman Prithivi Bahadur Pandé, shareholders were informed of the bank’s decision to distribute 18.5 % total dividend, 13 % bonus shares and 5.5% cash dividend on its total paid-up capital. During the year, NIBL earned an operating profit of Rs 3.51 billion. The net profit of the bank for FY 2076/77 stood at Rs 2.42 billion with paid-up capital to reach Rs 14.24 billion. In the FY 2076/77, NIBL’s deposits have increased to Rs 166 billion from the previous year’s total Rs 152 billion. Similarly, the total lending has reached Rs 141 billion compared to Rs 127 billion from the previous year, reads the press statement.
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