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Pankaj Jhunjhunwala

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Pankaj Jhunjhunwala is the proprietor of the Watch Gallery. Jhunjhunwala’s family was always in the luxury horology business which has given him a detailed understanding of the luxe market. Today, he has expanded the business from watches to high fashion Bally, luxe crystal decor and more. In this issue of B360, Pankaj Jhunjhunwala shares his list of top brands.

Favourite shopping destination

Shopping is not my thing. My wife does all the shopping. It would be correct to say that her favourite shopping destination is Dubai Mall, Dubai.


Renault Duster


Undoubtedly, my MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Eating Out

Farzi Café in New Delhi and Nilgiri Thakali in Kathmandu

I walk on

Bally sneakers. I am obsessed with the legacy, comfort and quality.


Mont Blanc

I smell of

Calvin Klein One

On your wrist

Being in the luxury watch business, I have a huge personal collection. Currently, my obsession is Bomberg Bolt-68 Racing watch.

Travel Destination

Switzerland is my go-to destination. Exploring Japan is on my bucket list.


Metallica when alone; else my 5-year-old decides.

Could watch this movie again and again

Fight Club, 1999 starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter


Ardbeg Single Malt

Favourite app

I am currently hooked to Seesaw following my daughter’s creativity from school.

Most visited website

LinkedIn - connecting with like-minded people.

Greatest indulgence

Turophile as they call it; I love to indulge in different varieties of cheese.

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