Sat, April 20, 2024

CNI to organise 3rd Nepal Infrastructure Summit in September

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At a news conference organised by CNI on August 4, it was shared that the 3rd Nepal Infrastructure Summit will be taking place on September 11-12 under the theme “Strong Infrastructure for Sustainable Development”. The summit would be a follow-up on the Nepal Investment Summit 2019 organised by the government four months ago.

CNI President Satish Moore said that the Summit would encourage investment for the proposed projects presented in the Nepal Investment Summit 2019 as well as draw attention of all bodies concerned along with the government to forward the task of reforming laws.

The CNI has prepared a report in coordination with Sarvangin Vikas Adhyayan Kendra based on the decision of first and second infrastructure summits and it would be unveiled in the third infrastructure summit. More than 500 national and international foreign investors will be participating in the Infrastructure Summit.

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