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Prelaunch of Danfe Arts

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Danfe Arts is a touring art show started with the vision to promote Nepali Arts and Culture all around the world. Its aim is to serve the dual purpose of local and global recognition for the Nepali Artists. Founded by Shivangi Bansal, a recent MA Graduate in Culture and Creative Industries, Danfe Arts has been named after the national bird of Nepal and her vision is to “fly this bird across the globe”.

The prelaunch of Danfe Arts happened at Fire and Ice Restaurant in Thamel from June 2 to 7, the proceeds of which went towards the launch of Danfe Arts in the UK. The owner of Fire and Ice, Annamaria Forgione, who is also a big lover of art and a supporter of this initiative, opened the exhibition. The exhibiting artists were Chirag Bangdel, Ishan Pariyar, Kiran Hada, Kishor Jyoti, Madan Shrestha, Prashant Shrestha, Rabindra Shrestha, Rashana Bajracharya, Roshan Pradan and Sabita Dangol. These artists exhibited for the UK show too. The exhibition showed Kathmandu in a new light and takes the audience on a journey of the nation’s celebrations and pitfalls.

The UK show was held on the last week of June where a film screening about thangkha evolution, a yoga session and a private view for the guests were also included. It was shown at a seaside gallery in East Sussex and the local community were very excited for the introduction of a new culture, said Harry Farmer, gallery manager of DC1 Gallery, Eastbourne.

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