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Bagmati Province to present policies and programmes for next FY on May 28

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BAGMATI: Bagmati provincial government is set to table its policies and programmes for the next fiscal year, 2023/24 on coming May 28. Bagmati Province Governor Yadav Chandra Sharma on behalf of the provincial government will present the policies and programmes, said Speaker Bhuvan Kumar Pathak at Thursday's meeting of the Province Assembly (PA). On the occasion, he urged all members of the Province Assembly to be present in official uniforms that day. Meanwhile, Bagmati Province concluded the deliberations on the principles and priorities of the Appropriation Bill (except tax proposal) for the fiscal year, 2023/24 tabled in the PA. Responding to queries raised about the bill in the PA meeting, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning Bahadur Singh Lama said in the budget, the provincial government has accorded high priorities to economic prosperity beyond political interests. READ ALSO:
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