Thu, April 25, 2024

Boeing HQ flies Nepali flag to welcome Himalaya Jet owner Gurung Family

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KATHMANDU: At the invitation of Boeing Company, a delegation led by Chandraman Gurung, Chairperson of London-based Himalaya Jet, visited the Boeing Headquarters in Seattle, Washington, where the flag of Nepal was flying along with the American flag. Senior officials at Boeing Headquarters welcomed the Gurung Family and gave them a tour of the office. It is said this was the first occasion where the Nepali delegation was welcomed by placing the Nepali flag at Boeing Headquarters. During the inspection visit, detailed information was given about the construction, flight and features of Boeing. The module of Himalaya Jet and a detailed presentation about its features were made on the occasion. Himalaya Jet is going to operate direct flights to Kathmandu from London, Paris and Sydney from September 2023. The delegation including Himalaya Jet's Executive Director Dipendra Gurung visited the factory where Boeing is manufactured and got detailed information. Likewise, Boeing Company organised a banquet on April 26 in honour of the Gurung Family Conglomerate, the owner of Himalaya Jet. Gurung Family, Craig Auestad and other senior officials of Boeing, Nepali Consul General AC Sherpa, Miss World America Shree Saini and others participated in the banquet. On the occasion, Consul General Sherpa said that it was a feeling of pride for him to participate in the banquet organised in honour of Himalaya Jet and the Gurung Family. Likewise, Miss World America Shree Saini stated that it was very important for her to participate in the programme held in honour of the Gurung Family. She also shared that she postponed her father's 50th birthday celebration for another day. Himalaya Jet is set to operate direct flights to Kathmandu from London, Paris and Sydney from September 2023. It is believed that these flights will add a new dimension to revitalise the tourism industry in Nepal. READ ALSO:
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