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Firsts are always treasured. The same can be said of your first set of personal wheels. Four professionals from different walks of life share memories with their first automobile.

Kreeti Shakya

Founder of Kazi Studios, a company she decided to open after returning from the US.

Model: Mini Cooper
Color: Black with two white stripes
Year : 2006
Your fondest memory: I have lots!
Road trips throughout the US. We actually transported an old wind surfing board on it which was twice its size.
An older guy with a Bentley decided to race me on an intersection. I lost, of course!
On weekends, we used to go camping around Minneapolis.
I’ve got multiple tickets for speed driving my Mini Cooper. It wouldn’t do justice for the car to drive slow.
Why was it special: It matched my characteristics—small, fun and didn’t shy away from challenges.

Euden Koirala

People and Organizational Development Manager at Water Aid. She strongly believes in change and challenge.

Model: Suzuki Zen
Color: Banana Yellow!
Year: 2004
Your fondest memory : It was an impromptu purchase. I had actually booked another model vehicle, but when I was visiting the NADA Auto Show at BICC Hall, I spotted this car. It was being launched and I changed my mind. It was love at first sight. I knew that I wanted the exact piece and I got it!
Why was it special: It became my motivating factor to learn to drive.

Bina Shrestha

Director of Build up Nepal, Founder & CEO of Shine Cleaning

Model: KIA Rio 2009 Hatchback
Color: Jet Black
Year: 2009
Your fondest memory: Road trip with my bestie
Why was it special: It was my first car, bought by myself in the colour and model that I chose.

Devendra Basnyat

Project Manager at SOMNEED, bike enthusiast and freelance writer

Model: Suzuki Vitara 1991, 16 valve G16A Engine
Color: Blue
Year: 2006
Fondest memory: Drive to Shailung in 2014. Mude – Shailung- Manthali (off road drive)
Why was it special : Compact jeep, short chassis, easy to take turns in narrow space. Carburetor was easy to maintain. Smooth engine, 5 speed manual transmission with 4WD, spacious interior, better clearance, best for off-road drive, better mileage.

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