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B360 Impact Awards 2022

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DR SANDUK RUIT PRESENTING THE KEYNOTE ADDRESS Media9 honoured ten impact heroes — individuals and organisations — at the 360 Impact Awards 2022 held in Hyatt Place Kathmandu on March 24. The awards were dedicated to the courage, vision and dedication of heroes who went beyond themselves to find solutions to mitigate the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic across Nepal. Media9 Editor Charu Chadha talked about the significance of the work of the impact heroes that were being recognised and spoke about how the world has irreversibly changed. She expressed, “This room today is filled with people who chose to take action in the most trying hours. These are the people who showed incredible devotion, courage, compassion and commitment to mitigate challenges for those in dire need. They are the fundamental anchors who created a sense of safety, connection and bonding to keep hope alive. For us at Media9, it changed how we define heroes. This event is our humble way of saying THANK YOU to them”. Director of Media9 and Director of the Jyoti Group, Saurabh Jyoti expressed his pleasure at honouring individuals and teams who took action with courage, compassion and vision. He lauded the courage and determination of individuals and organisations that create social and economic impact. Media9 Director and Director of Golchha Organisation, Hemant Golchha, felicitated the distinguished panel of jury: Dr Keyoor Gautam, Chairman of Samyak Diagnostic; Manish Shah, Founder CEO of Facts Research and Analytics; Shaguni Shakya, Executive Director of Kathmandu Guest House, KGH Group of Hotels; Rajib Upadhya, Writer and Development Specialist and Author of Cabals and Cartels; and Yankila Sherpa, former Tourism Minister and Managing Director of Snow Leopard Trek Nepal. Renowned ophthalmologist, Dr Sanduk Ruit, who has restored the sight of over 180,000 people across Asia and Africa using small-incision cataract surgery, was the keynote speaker at the event. Dr Ruit is recognised as the ‘God of Sight’ and the recipient of several prestigious awards globally for his work. A strong philanthropist and a visionary he spoke about the need for impact and what it takes to really pursue the path of your passion, and his pursuit of reaching people in the remotest corners to ensure healthcare accessibility to the most vulnerable. Anuradha Koirala, Founder and Chairperson of Maiti Nepal; Prof Dr Madhu Dixit Devkota, Executive Chairperson, Upendra Devkota Memorial – National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences; Padma Jyoti, Chairman of Jyoti Group; Mohna Ansari, Human Rights Advocate and Former Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission; Rabindra Puri, Architect, Culture Artist and Heritage Conservationist; Pukar Malla, Founder and Chairperson of Daayitwa Abhiyan; Yankila Sherpa, Former Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Managing Director at Snow Leopard Trek and Lokmanya Golchha, Chairman of Golchha Organisation presented the awards as guests of honours. The 10 heroes who were honoured at the ‘360 Impact Awards 2022’ were: Ajhai Kati Sahane Movement, Covid Alliance for Nepal, Ek Ek Paila, Enough Is Enough Movement, Hami Nepal, Indira Ranamagar, Moin Uddin, National Innovation Centre Nepal, Nepal Ambulance Service and RNA 16 Rescue and Awareness. On the occasion, Achint Rastogi, Head of Sales and Marketing at Hyatt Place Kathmandu, shared that the event was impactful. He mentioned it was great to see Media9 honouring the real heroes who have had an impact on the lives of people during the Covid crisis. Rastogi added it was a great opportunity for Hyatt Place Kathmandu to tie up with Media9 for the event. [gallery columns="2" size="full" ids="22853,22852,22851,22850,22849,22848,22847,22846,22845,22854"]   Ajhai Kati Sahane Movement What started as an anthem protesting violence against women in Chile in 2019 has sparked a nationwide movement in Nepal. On November 7, 2020, around 1,000 young Nepali women took to the streets to bring attention to rising rape cases and sexual violence in the region using the Chilean anthem ‘The Rapist is You!’ It was translated in Nepali ‘Ajhai Kati Sahane’. Covid Alliance for Nepal Covid Alliance for Nepal is an all-volunteer crisis-response group of individuals and organisations who have come together to tackle the current Covid situation in Nepal. The alliance’s guiding principle is around collaboration and creating immediate and sustainable impact whereby decisions are driven by science, data and expertise. Ek Ek Paila EK EK Paila is a volunteer-based healthcare non-profit team that works to bring free and/or affordable healthcare facilities to the rural corners of Nepal while also making sure to raise funds domestically and sustainably. The organisation delivers comprehensive healthcare through health camps, telemedicine, community clinic and awareness creation. Ek Ek Paila also set up a Covid response team to help rural communities affected by the pandemic. Enough Is Enough Movement Enough is Enough was initiated in early June 2020 by a group of active youngsters who insisted it remains a faceless and non-violent citizen movement with clear demands at its core when the Covid 19 pandemic was at its peak and the government was unable to effectively manage the crisis. The campaign served as a rallying point for a huge segment of the urban youth population to demand better action and accountability. Hami Nepal Hami Nepal is a non-profit organisation that directly connects donors and recipients. The main objective is to help anyone in need without any hesitation and expectation of payback. The organisation does not spend any of the received donations on administration costs and all of their volunteers, mobilised for the authentication of the problem, logistics and delivery, cover their own expenses in order to save administrative expenses. Indira Ranamagar Indira Ranamagar is the Founder and Director of Prisoners Assistance Nepal, a non-profit that helps incarcerated women and children. Ranamagar is a reliable advocate, not only for prisoners and their children but also for indigenous women and their families. During the pandemic, Ranamagar took to the streets to help the poor and hungry people by providing them hot meals which she often even cooked herself, and provided medical assistance to those in dire need. Moin Uddin During a period when the coronavirus had paralysed economies, devastated communities, and confined nearly four billion people to their homes, Uddin was exploring the culture of Upper Dolpo and teaching young students. Armed with pens, pencils and books, Uddin was teaching 60 students from class 7-10 at the Crystal Mountain School to ensure children were still learning. He also ran daily video logs of his journey to raise awareness of the importance of education. National Innovation Centre Nepal NIC Nepal, with a vision to make Nepal an economically prosperous nation through research, innovation, and technology, and finding solutions was established in 2012. During the pandemic, NIC Nepal created PPE suits, helped repair ventilators and distributed more than 51,300 PPE gowns to more than 300 hospitals, primary health care centres, Corona isolation centres, and Corona testing and treatment hospitals of 58 districts of 7 provinces of Nepal, among other notable initiatives. NIC Nepal was founded by Dr Mahabir Pun. Nepal Ambulance Service Nepal Ambulance Service is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the establishment of an emergency medical response system in Kathmandu and Patan municipalities. NAS has seen a staggering increase in the number of ambulance call-outs since the outbreak of the pandemic. With taxis off the road and personal vehicles temporarily banned during the lockdown, NAS ambulances were extraordinarily busy and crews highly stressed, responding to calls of citizens in medical distress. RNA 16 Rescue and Awareness RNA 16 stands for “Rescue and Awareness and the 16 kinds of disasters they have prepared to deal with, from Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake to road accidents, They have been lauded by doctors and civic leaders for aiding a health care system ill-equipped for the pandemic. The volunteer group RNA 16 was in the news in May 2020 after it handled the first coronavirus death in Nepal at a time when there was an extreme stigma about the disease.


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