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johan ernst nilson

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A talk event was organised by Business 360 in the capital on May 6 featuring Johan Ernst Nilson, one of the world’s leading explorers, motivational speaker, philanthropist, eco warrior and author. Nilson has a strong connection with Nepal and is on a unique journey of self exploration, sharing and giving in all of his adventures across the globe.
With over 52 expeditions in 172 countries including Mount Everest, Johan Ernst is a strong advocate against global warming and poverty, and a staunch supporter of education in developing countries and of the protection of endangered species. As a global adventurer for more than 20 years and a Guinness world record holder, Johan has embarked on a journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, has climbed the Seven Summits, has flown a boat across Europe, cycled from Sweden to the Sahara Desert, and a lot more.

He is from Sweden and has been featured on globally renowned media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel besides being featured on the cover of the TIME magazine.

At the talk event held at Hotel Royal Singi, he shared about his deep connection with Nepal and inspired the audience with anecdotes of his vast experiences. He says, “Don’t be afraid because something is really hard, because people keep saying that things are impossible; the impossible just seeks more time.”

Johan Ernst Nilson was recognised as Nepal’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador for Visit Nepal 2020. Suraj Vaidya, National Coordinator of VNY 2020 presented him with the honour amidst a gathering of tourism entrepreneurs, travel trade association heads, media professionals and youth leaders.

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