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Industrial and cultural festival to be held in Bhaktapur from Apr 6 to 16

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BHAKTAPUR: The Seventh Bhaktapur Industrial, Cultural, Tourism and Trade Festival will take place in Bhaktapur to mark the New Year 2080 and Bisket Jatra. Coordinator of the festival and Chairman of the District Sports Development Committee, Bhaktapur, Deepak Thapa, shared that the festival will be held from April 6 to 16. There will be 200 stalls in the festival that will be hosted at the ground showcasing food, clothing, agriculture and handicrafts, utensils, electrical appliances, electronic devices, automobiles, mobile phones, vehicles, toys, beauty products, and daily consumables. President of Industrial Peace Nepal Sandeep Mahat said that discount of up to 20% to 50% has been arranged on various goods to be sold at the festival. He said that the festival expects about 500,000 visitors and a transaction of an estimated Rs 120 million. A cultural presentation along with entertainment for children will also be held as a part of the festival. By RSS READ ALSO:
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