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Investors protesting in front of NEPSE building arrested

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KATHMANDU: Investors who organised a protest in front of Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) office in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu were arrested. A group of investors came to the NEPSE building for picketing, demanding implementation of the recommendation report on capital market prepared by the taskforce coordinated by Shivaraj Shrestha, erstwhile deputy governor of Nepal Rastra Bank. According to Police Inspector Deependra Shrestha, at Anamnagar-based Metropolitan Police Circle, three investors who staged sit-in protest in the prohibited area of the NEPSE building were arrested. The arrestees have been identified as Tilak Koirala, Nayan Bastola and Arjun Koirala. Although NEPSE's company secretary Murahari Parajuli urged the protesting investors to attend a discussion meeting with him and other NEPSE authorities, the investors insisted that they will only talk with the NEPSE Chairperson and continued with their sit-in protest in the restricted area. Arrested investor Koirala narrated that they were in the NEPSE building to demand implementation of the 58-point recommendation furnished by the report in the letter. Koirala further said they had convened to pile pressure on the concerned authorities for the report's recommendation. The report was prepared about five years ago and it recommended the government policy reforms and structural reforms needed to end volatility in the capital market and reform financial sector. By RSS READ ALSO:
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