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Khukri Rum sponsors premiere of film ‘Gurkha: Beneath the Bravery’

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KATHMANDU: The premiere of 'Gurkha: Beneath the Bravery', a film based on the true events of Rifleman Kulbir Thapa, was hosted in Kathmandu. Thapa received the Victoria Cross for the first time for the Gurkhas. Khukri Rum was the sponsor for the premiere of the film. The additional premiere will be presented in Pokhara on Monday and in Dharan next Wednesday under the sponsorship of Khukri Rum. According to producers, 'Gurkha: Beneath the Bravery' is a charity film. The income earned from the shows will be given to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Khukri Rum is the promotional partner of the film which will be released on coming September 9. The film features the story of Thapa bravely rescuing wounded soldiers in the war with the Germans. On September 25, 1915, British forces launched a major attack on Lucé, France. In the battle, 26-year-old Rifleman Thapa of the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Queen Alexandra III's own Gurkha Rifles was seriously injured. However, he survived and the following day he started rescuing the victims. Thapa was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service. Director Pradeep Shahi, who was present at the show in Kathmandu, said he made the film to pay tribute to his ancestors who fought for world peace. The story of the film is written by Shahi. He has been making films in the UK for a long time and has won various international awards. Kulbir Thapa's son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren were present at the premiere of the film. Actors Samir Gurung, Gaumaya Gurung and Stuart Walker travelled to Nepal from Britain to participate in the premiere. Other actors in the film include Stuart Walker, Agostino Carmelo Oberhofer, Olly Bassi, Robin Friberg, Rajan Gurung, Surya Gurung, Syon Shahi. The film was screened in the UK, the USA, Brunei, Singapore and Australia before Nepal. RR Films will distribute this film in Nepal. READ ALSO:
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